Monday, 11 May 2015

Moving along.

Well, it's not really goodbye! But it sort of is... Let me explain.

The original idea for this blog was that I would run it alongside my original blog, stasialikescakes, with bookish posts here, and everything else there. That didn't work out so well. What actually happened was just that I posted here quite often and all but stopped posting there. This was not the plan but I'm sure many people could have seen it coming.

Over the past month or so I've been thinking about how I use these blogs and I've finally come to a decision, which is that I want to go back to having stasialikescakes be my one and only blog.

But I'll still be posting about books! I always used to blog about books on stasialikescakes and that is what I am going to go back to doing. So, although I'll no longer be posting to this blog, if you still want to hear from me then please do follow stasialikescakes because you'll find all my future bookish posts there, right alongside everything else, the way it used to be. (I'll even still be doing the Gossip Girl Review Project! Nothing could stop me tbh.)

So, it may be goodbye to stasialikesbooks the blog, but it certainly won't be goodbye to Stasia liking books! I'll just be liking them somewhere else.

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  1. I like the picture! And I think it's a good idea to consolidate the two blogs too.